Increase music streams, merch sales and get more people to your live shows!


100% safe and one of the quickest ways to grow your Instagram account. Our team is continuously testing, monitoring and optimizing client accounts to ensure the best results.


Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you get results! If we don’t gain you at least 100 targeted followers in the first 30 days then you get your money back.


The music industry can be tough for upcoming artists and we’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve been conquering social media for musicians for years and there’s no doubt that gaining a massive presence on Instagram is a great way to show promoters, radio stations and record labels that you’re the real deal. Land more shows, gain more streams and simply get noticed.

Regardless if you’re a large auto dealership or a small family owned restaurant you’re going to see successful businesses partner with marketing agencies that specialize in their niche.

Why should your music career be any different? You partner with us because we specialize in automating artists Instagram accounts so you can focus on the other stuff like making music, producing great social content, rehearsals, booking and performing live.

Think of us as an extension of you. After purchasing a plan you will fill out an onboarding survey. This will allow our team to get to know you, your account and overall goals a little better. Our team then uses, monitors and optimizes various pieces of software  to interact with targeted instagram users who may enjoy your music. Once they know you exist, they can make the conscious decision to follow you and interact with your content.

Ultimately Instagram is saturated with millions of users and we need to get peoples attention by interacting with them first. If this didn’t cover it please see other frequently asked questions below.


Mass Story Viewer

A popular Instagram growth strategy used by many brands, influencers and social media gurus.

Step 1. Select your target accounts (competitor accounts or your own followers)

Step 2. View stories and vote on polls of people who follow your target accounts

Step 3. Targeted users see that you viewed their story or interacted with their poll and go to your profile

Step 4. They view your profile, engage with your content and give you a follow

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Mass Engager

An advanced Instagram growth strategy that allows you to engage with your target audience in a massive way.

Step 1. Select your target accounts (competitor accounts)

Step 2.  Mass Story Viewer – View stories and vote on polls of people who follow your target accounts. Targeted users see that you viewed their story or interacted with their poll and go to your profile. They view your profile, engage with your content and give you a follow.

Step 3. Follow/Unfollow – Follow people who follow your competitors accounts. User gets notified of a new follower. User views your profile, engages with your content and decides whether to follow you. Unfollow users after 2-3 days.

Step 3. Like – Like content of people who follow your target accounts. Users get notified of a new “like”. User views your profile, engage with your content and whether to follow you.

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Instagram Growth Service

Yes. We'll need both your Instagram username and Instagram password so that we can login and perform actions on your behalf.
Kindly email social@unitedsoundsource to let us know.  We recommend taking screenshots and/or sharing usernames so that we can identify the problem.
No. Any users that you follow while using our services will be added to a safelist so that we don't unfollow them.
Yes. We just don’t recommend following a large amount of pages per day since we'll be very active on your account.
No.  Once you select a plan we will automatically add everyone you are currently following to safelist.  This ensures that we never unfollow those people.
After selecting a plan you'll receive an onboarding email that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Based on your responses we'll target accordingly so that you gain high quality followers who will engage with your content on a regular basis.
We have the ability “like” targeted users photos, “follow” targeted users, “unfollow” users, “view" users stories. You have access to all or some of these functions depending on which level plan you select.
Typically results can be seen within 7 days of account onboarding.
Several factors play into this. This can depend on your content, size of your page, how long your page has been active, and which plan you sign up for. There is no minimum or maximum number of growth. Results vary and some accounts can gain 1000 followers per month. The longer you stay with a plan, the more data we gain on what's working which equates to long-term steady growth.


If you decide to stop using our services please email We will cancel your subscription within 24hrs and you will not be charged starting the following month.
Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you get results! If we don't gain you at least 50 targeted followers in the first 30 days then you're eligible for a refund upon request.
There are several different plans available and prices vary. If you're interested in a custom solution or bulk discount please email
If you are looking to upgrade, downgrade or switch your subscription please email social@unitedsoundsource

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Shoot us an email at

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