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Grow your social media following and gain real fans that will stream your music, purchase merch, and show up to live events!

Street teams and grassroots marketing strategies can still be vital part of your marketing strategy but the truth is you can reach more people via social media. Talent buyers, record labels, and even fans look at your social presence before even considering listening to your music. If you have a loyal fan base on social media then you’re sure to make a great first impression.

There are millions of people out on social media who will likely be interested your music or event, they just haven’t heard of you. You need to interact with them to make them aware of who you are and give them a reason to look into your music or concert. But who has time to spend hours of their day interacting with potential fans on social media? 

We do! 

Our team uses advanced marketing strategies to help you gain real fans on all of the most current social networks. We’re not talking about running paid ads. Everything our team does is organic and revolves around interacting with your competitions fans and followers. New followers turn into fans. Fans stream music and show up to events. People who attend events buy merchandise and drinks. You get it…it’s a winning strategy!


Growing an artist or event Facebook page can take some serious effort. It’s only a matter of time until you run out of friends to invite you to “like” your page. Lucky for you, we have a team that understands how to grow a Facebook page and gain you real “likes” and increase engagement.


This is one of our most popular services. Instagram is where most people are spending their time and we can help gain you new fans daily. Not only will you increase your followers but you’ll see increased likes, comments and story interactions from people who are genuinely interest in your music or event.


Twitter is quite possibly one of the most overlooked social networks when it comes to artist and event promotion. We’re here to tell you it shouldn’t be. There are strategies we can use to bring awareness to your music or event that’ll result in real fans.


Have a YouTube channel you’re trying to get off the ground? It can be time consuming and tiresome to figure out which song to cover next or which topics to talk about in your next video. Our team can help pave your road to YouTube success organically. 

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