How To Find New Music The Easy Way

The Best Ways To Discover New Music – How To Find New Music The Easy Way

If you’re tired of listening to the same 20 songs on FM radio and find yourself craving some new music, you’ve got to know where to look and how to act on it as quickly as possible. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out and heard someone say “I wonder who sings this” and then they don’t make an effort to find out. I believe that people stay in their lane and don’t discover new music because they aren’t aware of the tools available to find new music quickly and effectively. Finding similar music to what you already listen to shouldn’t be thought of as a chore and we’re here to help you get the ball rolling.

Now let’s dive right in so you can start discovering new artists and find some new songs.

Music Streaming Services such as Spotify or Apple Music

Music streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music are a great way to find new music. Each of these music streaming platforms has various ways to discover new music and they make the process pretty simple. First, let’s start with playlists. Each music streaming service has thousands of playlists that have been curated for every genre and this can serve as a great starting point for finding new music. When searching for a playlist be sure to include terms specific to what you’re looking for, as many of playlists have detailed titles.

If you’re looking for upbeat rock songs to workout to then consider searching “workout rock music” or “upbeat rock”. If you’re looking to discover upcoming country music artists, don’t just type in “country music”, consider typing in “upcoming country”, “new upcoming artists” or “country on the rise”. These keywords will assist you in discovering the new music you’re on the hunt for.

Here’s an example of a great Spotify playlist that pops up when I searched “country on the rise” and it’s got a ton of new artists I’ve never heard

Find new music on this country music playlist that features upcoming country songs and artists.

Another example for someone who loves alternative rock might be searching “Warped Tour” which is a popular alternative rock festival. This great playlist popped up which encompasses a bunch of bands who have played or sound like bands who’ve played the Vans Warped Tour in the past.

Alternative rock playlist that features some of your favorite warped tour bands. If you're looking for a warped tour lineup in playlist form then here's your solution.

Music streaming radio

Several music streaming companies have a “radio” option. Head on over to an artist profile on Spotify and click on “Go to radio” to hear a collection of artists who are similar to the artist whose profile you selected. Apple Music also has a great streaming radio option built into their app on the bottom navigation bar. There are also specific music streaming apps and music streaming companies who cater specifically to this option such as Pandora.

Music discovery apps such as SoundHound or Shazam

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, have you ever been out somewhere, heard a song in a restaurant or club, and say to yourself “I wonder who sings this?”. Well, you should most definitely be taking note of those songs. I’ve discovered so much great music this way and it’s as simple as clicking a button. Think about it. If that song you hear can catch your attention in a crowded bar or eatery then it’s got to be pretty good. Luckily there are music discovery apps such as SoundHound or Shazam that allow you to whip out your phone, click a button and discover the song that’s playing.

These music discovery apps work great and can typically find the song that’s playing in a matter of seconds. It’ll then pull up the song and/or artist information so you can refer to it later.

Artist Communities such as Reverbnation or Bandcamp

Visit an artist community such as Reverbnation, Bandcamp, etc. to find indie, underground, and undiscovered bands. A lot of bands start here when starting a project and you can find some truly unique stuff on these platforms. Many of them provide advanced filters so you can search by genre, region, language, etc.

Niche blogs and forums

Similar to artist communities, finding niche publications and forums are a great way to discover new music. People who actively participate in forums are typically very involved in what the forum is about, so it can be a great way to discover new and upcoming artists. In addition, nowadays it seems like there is someone starting a new blog every day. Many of these blog curators take their niche very seriously, making them a great resource for discovering new music.

Going to live shows

Although going to live shows to discover new bands is no longer the most popular method of finding new music, it’s still a great way to go about it if you have the time and money. Try it. Take a chance, show up to a local venue, and watch a few bands on Wednesday night, you may just fall in love with an artist or two. Also, if you’re an avid festival goer then don’t just show up for the headliners. Get there when the gates open and check out the artists who are playing the side stages earlier in the day. Many times these artists are on their way to the top. To find local shows check out BandsInTown.

Word of Mouth

Possibly the best way to go about discovering new music is word of mouth. If you love the same genre of music as a friend, family member, etc. then simply ask them what they’ve been listening to and if they’ve found any new artists that they like. I’ve found some of my favorite bands by simply talking to friends and family.

Well, there you have it. You now have a bunch of options for discovering new music. If you need a starting point, our team here at United Sound Source is dedicated to building some of the best playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, etc. We’ve got playlists for just about every genre so if you wish to check them out feel free to click HERE.

Now get out there and discover some new music! Be sure to follow our playlists on Spotify and keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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