Popular music streaming services available on desktop, iphone and android

The Most Popular Music Streaming Services And Music Streaming Apps

You’re a music lover and it’s coming up on the year 2020. If you haven’t adapted to the music streaming era then you will shortly. Regardless, at this time you’re either new to music streaming and looking to see what the hype is all about or you’re a music streaming pro and considering switching music streaming platforms. The truth is that there are a ton of music streaming apps and more will continue to pop up as the years go by. So what are the most popular music streaming services?

What are the biggest music streaming services? What’s the most popular music streaming service? What’s the best music streaming app for mobile use? Do these music streaming companies have a different functionality or are they all the same? These are all great questions and we’re here to give you the pros and cons of some of the biggest music streaming services today. All of them have a desktop and mobile version so you can enjoy any of these music streaming services on your computer or on the go with your iPhone or Android.

First things first, if you’re already utilizing a music streaming service be sure to check out some of our playlists on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc. and see if any of them tickle your fancy. Now here’s your list of the most popular music streaming services.

The Most Popular Music Streaming Service – Spotify

Spotify music streaming service

Hands down, Spotify is the pioneer of music streaming. They were the first to hit big in the music streaming game and have made serious strides to compete with the competition. Easily the most popular music streaming service out there.

Pros: Simple and easy to use interface. Great algorithmic playlists. Now offering a wide variety of podcasts. Has a backend artist portal. Offers advertising space. Various subscription plans.

Cons: Doesn’t pay artists as high as a rate per stream. Backend artist analytics are still a little weak compared to other digital marketing platforms.

Click HERE to sign up for Spotify

A Music Streaming Service That’s A Close Second – Apple Music

Apple Music streaming service

Apple has started to step up their game as they announced the “death” of iTunes. Apple is a huge company and although they are not the biggest or most innovative at this time, they may make a big move here in the near future. A close second for being the most popular music streaming service.

Pros: Recognized name. Providing constant updates to improve its platform. Paying artists higher rates per stream. Has a backend artist portal (in beta). Offers exclusive content. Solo or family plan available.

Cons: The user interface is not as clean or as easy to use as Spotify’s streaming service. The artist backend portal is not very in-depth and needs a lot of work. Does not offer advertising space.

To sign up for Apple Music just click HERE

The Music Streaming Platform To Watch – Amazon Music

Amazon Music streaming service

Amazon, the almighty tech giant has now dipped it’s toe into the music streaming market and you can bet they will make a big splash at some point.

Pros: Trusted name. Discounted membership for Amazon Prime Members. Growing extremely fast. Integrates great with Amazon devices.

Cons: Does Not offer a lot outside of just music. No artist backend portal…yet!

Join Amazon Music today by checking out their subscription options HERE

Freebies & More w/ This Music Streaming Service – Google Play

Google Play Music Streaming platform

Already an avid Google supporter? Then maybe you should consider adding Google Play Music to your stack.

Pros: Great free trial offer. Cool interface. Offers solo user or family plans. You get a FREE Youtube Red subscription with your Google Play subscription. Upload songs you already have to Google Play library.

Cons: Not available in all countries worldwide. Does not offer lyric discovery. No backend artist portal. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Google Play and YouTube join together as one at some point.

Discover Google Play Music’s streaming options HERE

Arguably One Of The Biggest Music Streaming Platforms – YouTube Music

YouTube Music streaming platform

Owned by Google and a powerhouse for both music streaming and video content.

Pros: YouTube music is free with ads. Integrates well with Google devices. Premium users get access to Google Play (listed above). Certain plans offer ad-free videos.

Cons: Likely going to have to download multiple apps. Can’t upload your own music.

Click HERE to check out YouTube Music’s free trial and various subscription options

Underdog Music Streaming Service – Deezer

Deezer music streaming service

A robust music streaming platform that offers some great content. Definitely worth a mention.

Pros: Large music and podcast database. Offers various subscription plans including one for students. There is a free version. Offers lyric discovery.

Cons: Can’t rewind live radio streams. Must request access to artist profile. Some music distributors don’t work with Deezer.

Check out Deezer’s free trial and payment options HERE

A Music Streaming App For The Audiophile Crowd – Tidal

Tidal music streaming platform

One of the more niche of audio streaming solutions. Not one of the most popular music streaming service but still a solid choice for our audiophile friends.

Pros: Offers hi-res audio. Offers exclusive content.

Cons: Cost for subscription is on the higher end compared to competitors. Not the biggest music library out there. Can’t upload your own music.

Explore Tidal HERE and see if it’s a good fit for you

We hope our thoughts on these music streaming apps influenced your decision in a positive way and helped make your choice a little easier. As you can see, each music streaming platform has a lot to offer in its own way but it’s up to you to choose what works best for you and your situation. Several of these music streaming services have free trials so we recommend trying a couple of them out and seeing which one you like best.

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